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I'm stealing this from what seems like everyone.

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five a few ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

I don't have a muselist. But basically if you know what fandoms I'm apart of, any characters from them are safe game. My original characters would be good too, but I don't think I've told anyone about them.

Also, some people may have noticed I'm not around as much (especially on AIM), I'm sorry. I'm not vanishing, I promise. I'm still here and around and such, but I'll probably stay quiet for a little while longer.

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Everything okay?


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If only I knew |D


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hey im me and complain to me about it if you need to get it off your chest, eh?

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There's really nothing to complain about. It's just hanging in limbo time. But thanks.


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Is a dickface.


...Okay, no. Well, yes, he is, but here's more. Protoman honestly doesn't care about what other people think about him. At all. I have to keep this at the forefront of my mind whenever I write a tag for him. He's not going to be a jerk just to be a jerk (usually), but he's generally not going to censor himself to spare anyone's feelings either.

He's also, actually, very mature. He holds grudges like you wouldn't believe, but he prefers to just avoid someone he doesn't feel he can get along with rather than escalate it, and can even interact with them in short doses (albeit in a very cold, stiff manner with a lot of hidden adn not-so-hidden insults). He's very laid back in a "live and let live" sort of way otherwise. Very accepting. If you respect him, he'll - for the most part - respect you. He has a very in-depth understanding of the world around him and the people in it, having seen it from countless different viewpoints. This shows.

That said, he's also very immature in a lot of ways. When he's, for some reason, forced to hang around someone he doesn't like for extended periods of time (or he just really doesn't like them COUGHJINXCOUGH) he can be a downright brat. He'll be more likely to slide sharp comments and taunts into any conversations he might have with them, making them more and more obvious the more ticked off he is. Though usually calm, he still doesn't have the best handle on all of his emotions, especially anger or frustration. Those are the easiest for him to lose control of.

He's not good at trusting people. He prefers to do anything that needs to be done himself, by himself, because no one else is going to get it right. This in part extends to his protectiveness of his siblings. Sure, they're fools a lot of the time, but he refuses to believe they can be anything other than fools. Even when he recognizes the times where they demonstrate that they're actually learning and growing, there's still a part of him that's like, "yeah, and you're still a moron, so shut up and take my shield so you don't die."

And he does honestly care about his siblings. He just has a very weird way of showing it. Family is the most important thing to him. Nothing comes before it (unless it's Dr. Light because then, psh, the old man probably brought it on himself.)

(...now where the hell did Wily stick him anyway? Megaman's probably halfway to the first RM already.)


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love how you play him i just

you are the best. protoman. ever. you just are so good. i love your portrayal of him so much i can't even STAND IT.

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THEN WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO WRITE A GOOD SQUALO? Because I think I might skip him too, because ffffff

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And by the way, that's not true, you write an excellent Yamamoto.

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maybe, but i still don't understand him well enough to presume i could tell ANYBODY how to play him. so there's that.


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*cuddles forever*

Hope everything's okay hon. D:


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*CUDDLES* I think everything's fine, it's just...limbo-time. *STUFFS SOUP DOWN YOUR THROAT*

Don will be in a follow-up comment


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DON IS A NERD. I may pad movie!Don a little with other canons, but this is something that will always be universal.

Actually, Don is an extremely intelligent individual whose intellect I will never, ever, ever, ever have. The first step is accepting this fact. The next is breaking out the thesaurus and wikipedia.

Also, Don is a very serious individual. At least outwardly. Sort of. As in, this is the image he's trying to project in order to seem more grown-up and leader-ish than he actually is. Not that Don isn't serious normally, but his no-nonsense attitude has definitely undergone a huge growth spurt. Where before he'd laugh and joke and generally act his age, his seriousness (when it would pop up) stemming from maturity and a certain level-headedness at least one-half of his brothers lacked, it had turned into a seriousness built on stress, pressure, and attempting to be something he's not, and a growing frustration that he couldn't fix it. A + B always equals C in Don's world. Raph + Leo = another broken something for him to fix. Mikey + Saturday Morning Cartoons at high volume equals more broken furniture for him to fix. When things don't work like that, he gets upset.


Don's also a fixer. He likes to fix things. He likes learning how to fix things. When there's a problem, he's right there with a big bright grin on his face. He also tends to gravitate toward general problems and this makes him something of a peacekeeper. And he's happy that way.

Don's eighteen years old. He might have the brain of Einstein, but he's still a teenager. He acts like a teenager. A relatively peace-loving teenager whose beloved family and whole world has been turned upside down and sideways in a span of two years. Expect more emotional instability than is usual.


Don operates best in a stable team environment. He needs to have stability around him. Someone to keep him from running into walls when he just can't stop reading this manual at this moment this is very important guys, someone who he knows is looking out for him, someone to drag him out of his lab every now and then, someone to look at him blankly while he explains some complicated bit of machinery. Just people who need him and people who he needs. He's not a social butterfly, but he's in no way a loner either.


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I also forgot to mention:

He can kick ass with a stick. THE PACIFIST HAS A BLUNTED INSTRUMENT AND KNOWS HOW TO USE IT. He's in no way incapable of defending himself and this extends off the battlefield. He won't let himself be walked all over (unless you're Leo/Splinter and ask him to take over for "just a year" SOBS). Someone bites, he'll bite back. Insult him, and he'll either smile politely and end the conversation right there, or he'll snap back, but he won't take it unless he feels there's a reason for it.


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[just look at it. just look at it.]

[it's beautiful]

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don you are broken

i'm just saying

using this icon so much, i'm getting the feeling it's looking into my soul

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[Do you see it? Isn't it lovely?]

[It's coming for you.]

[It's coming for you~]

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Ack! Don't vanish! *clings to foot* Quiet is ok though - everyone needs a bit of quiet sometimes. Hope everything is ok *snugs*

Um...Silverbolt! (He needs an exclamation point. Just because ^^)

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Silverbolt! (yes he does)

Follow up comment on the way~

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So I will write this again.

Silverbolt is a Boss. He's extremely responsible, level-headed, considering, and more than a bit of a killjoy. He's basically the archetype of an eldest sibling charged with the care of the majority of their younger ones.

It's way too easy for me to imagine Silverbolt as a child in a house with horribly negligent parents (not abusive, but either too busy or too clueless or too drunk) herding the others up in the morning, making sure they were fed and got to school and did their homework everyone who'd not Skydive, fetching them afterward and shepherding them off to various activities and reminding them of curfews before heading back home himself to clean or start on dinner, waiting up to lecture the one sibling who would inevitably return home late, going in to parent-teacher conferences to find out what Air Raid had done this time...

Basically being a parent at a really young age.

That's sort of the idea I keep in my head. I remind myself that Silverbolt's extremely responsible and dedicated to his team and to making sure they stay on the right path. But he's still young. He desperately wants approval, he's a bit awkward because he doesn't fit in with the rowdier "younger crowd" on the Ark but he doesn't mesh with the "adults" either. He's sort of hanging in limbo.

But he's not the sort to angst about that, either. He just picks up and carries on and tries to figure things out. This leads to him getting stressed and tired a lot of the time.

He also would have absolutely no idea what to do without someone to look after. He thrives in a leadership position, partly because that's all he's ever known and partly because Siverbolt's just...made for it. Perhaps literally, if Vector Sigma knew what it was doing. He doesn't like placing his teammates under someone else's command just because he's like a fussing mother leaving her toddler alone with a babysitter for the first time. He'll get better at it, but at least right now, Silverbolt's entire sense of personality is wrapped up in his team and his position on it. He wouldn't react well to that getting taken away from him, so part of it's an insecurity thing.

Silverbolt's also not prone to huge outbursts of emotion. When he does snap, he snaps hard, but usually Silverbolt tries to stay neutral and control himself. He'll slip up and yell every now and then when he's angry enough, but usually he keeps it to stern lectures or cold looks, or even trying to settle down and discuss it maturely.

I like this better before LJ ate it. But that's basically it.

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st00pit LJ, eatin' stuff! Here, have some sammiches *feeds*

And you! *glomps* How do you paint such evocative and perceptive and spot on and wonderful pictures with your words? You amaze me, for real and true. I just kind of point and squeak like a silly happy person, because Silverbolt, there you are, dude. Pegged. :D

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Skydive! No wait! Lightspeed! Aaa!

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Follow up comments on the way~


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Skydive's actually very difficult for me to write. So this might seem a bit off.


Skydive's not much of a people-person. He's polite, yes, but ultimately he prefers to be by himself with his datapads and old dogfight documentaries. If he has to interact with people for any long amount of time, he's going to start getting edgy because he's basically bordering on a textbook introvert. (Team not usually included because, pft, they're basically the same person anyway.)

As such, Skydive's usually in the background quietly doing his own thing while his teammates goof off and draw all the attention. That's just how he works. He doesn't like being in the spotlight. He'll duck his head and smile politely until people stop paying attention to him and he can get away.

He also lacks the ego the majority of the Aerialbots have in some form or another. He's pretty much incapable of seeing his own abilities, and will generally become very awkward whens someone points them out. Part of this is his lack of being in the spotlight, the rest is just embarrassment at the "exaggeration".

This also makes him a bit difficult to work with, especially when you take into account that he's also a perfectionist. Skydive's very smart and extremely talented in the air. When someone doesn't grasp something as quickly as he does, Skydive tends to get frustrated with them because he doesn't understand the sheer difference in talent and skill.

He doesn't mean to get upset about it, but someone not trying their best is one of his hot buttons, especially if it's something he takes seriously.

He's also a complete geek. Skydive's not much of a talker unless it's about one of his favorite subjects: History and Flying.

Skydive's also not fond of fighting. Out of all the Aerialbots, he's the closest thing to a pacifist they've got, not because he wants to see everyone get along (because while that would be nice, he's not so naive he thinks it'll happen), but because the battles are seriously cutting into his reading and practice time. He's not a pacifist, he's just impatient with the war in general.

He idolizes Silverbolt. Just a little. coughTEACHER'SPETcough

Re: Skydive

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He idolizes Silverbolt. Just a little. coughTEACHER'SPETcough
This is wonderful and fits so nicely with Silverbolt above I see!


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Half a month later |D

Lightspeed has better evolved leadership qualities than Scattershot. He's far more in tune with the strengths, weaknesses, and limits of the team as a whole and every Technobot in particular, and he knows how to utilize them. He's far more mild than Scattershot, and just generally knows how to communicate with the team better (and generally has more sway over Afterburner just because he isn't the leader). If, for some reason, Scattershot's unable to take charge, Lightspeed will. He also tends to deal more with the interteam drama and problems that undoubtedly occur when so many strong/clashing personalities are stuck together, because he's more patient than Scattershot in that regard.

Lightspeed's a nerd and a geek, but he's also naturally charismatic, good-looking (by Cybertronian standards), polite, and, unlike basically everyone else on his team, actually pretty well adjusted. Lightspeed has a good reputation among the other Autobots and this makes him the go-to guy whenever someone needs the Technobots to do something.

HE IS A DREAMING DREAMER WHO DREAMS. Think Fireflight with an attention span. Lightspeed loves to daydream, and he can get a bit melodramatic about it (as shown when he randomly bursts into poetry when he's let loose in space). Lightspeed's a bit of a romantic, and worse than that, he's a bit of a teenage romantic. And yes, Cybertronians aren't easy to slip into human age groups, but Lightspeed has definite shades of overdramatic teenage angst going on every now and then.

But even for all of that, Lightspeed's still the most level-headed and rational one of the group. This doesn't include Nosecone, but Nosecone kind of swings into the opposite end of the spectrum by being too level-headed. Lightspeed's the happy medium.

Then there's taking into account that he's still a Technobot and this means that, no matter how much more sciency he is than the majority of his brothers and no matter how normal and polite and nice, he still really likes blowing things up.

Re: Lightspeed

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Lightspeed has better evolved leadership qualities than Scattershot.
Oooooh! That's interesting!

A dreaming dreamer who dreams, and an emo teenage romantic...reads Byron I bet... XD And Donne... And... XDDD Right up until the point where the Decepticons hit the fan and shit needs doin' son! LOVE EET!

Totally understanding the need to be a hobbit at times, but if you ever feel inclined to Compare and Contrast Superion and Computron... ::wink wink nudge nudge::

Thank you! <33333

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If I compare and contrast Computron and Superion, I'll have to compare and contrast the teams themselves, which (since I've been trying this off and on since you commented |D) will probably turn into a giant essay that explains in depth the Technobots' dynamics as I see them.

...Which would be fun 8D

That's kind of what I love about Lightspeed. He's such a romanticist and a dreamer and he sometimes gets angsty about it, but when something needs done, by golly, he's going to get it done. He's just so normal and awkward and sane when you compare him to the rest of his team |D