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DVD Bandwagon Ahoy and NaNo

So, that DVD commentary thing. I'm not sure if there's anything anyone would be interested in hearing about, but hey. Pretty much everything is over at [livejournal.com profile] stepsandstones or at my ff.net account.

Leave a comment if you'd like with a fic you want commentary on and I will do my best.


NaNo *does the boogy dance*

I'm doing fanfiction this year because...well, I'm just not in the mood for original. Good news? I've finally figured out who my antagonist is after ages and ages of digging through the tfwiki. No OC! 8D Bad news? He's a fricking bioengineer. Everyone important in this fic is either a scientist or a doctor or an engineer or some mixture of all three. It's like my brain takes sadistic pleasure in saying: HEY LET'S WRITE A STORY BASED ENTIRELY ON SUBJECTS YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT YOU SCIENTIFICALLY ILLITERATE FOOL.


On the plus side, I have something of an outline fashioned up. Sort of. It has a resemblance? \o/

...Augh, I have so much stuff to learn before November. I may be bullshitting most of what's going on, but I am a firm believer that effective bullshitting only happens when it has some basis on truth. Now I just need to figure out where to start. TO RESEARCH!

...and class. *boots cat off lap*

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It's Good Enough (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5454608/1/Its_Good_Enough) because I adore your Skydive.

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Here you go (http://therixkeycopy.livejournal.com/26106.html)

And your inbox has my deepest sympathies.

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In Starts and Stops (http://stepsandstones.livejournal.com/3090.html)! <3

Good luck with NaNo! We shall be cheering one another on. :D

In Starts and Stops Commentary part 1/4

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When I was asked for Metroplex/Slingshot my first reaction was the metaphorical glance at the not-so-metaphorical piles of fic I'd started and stopped already in an attempt to write the pairing. Cityformers! Not easy! I keep getting distracted by how their split/shared conscious among their drones would work, and how the drones function as literal parts of a whole that act as individuals but really aren't (sort of) and to what extent does that limited amount of autonomy go, and blah blah blah drones are hard.

And Slingshot's one of the more difficult Aerialbots for me to write in any big role even though I grasp his motivations better than the others. GREAT COMBO.

But I'd been wanting to write this pairing for awhile anyway, and kalaryx's birthday was as great an opportunity as any 8D

He doesn’t say anything, because that would be stupid – and he isn’t, he isn’t stupid, so why is he being treated like – and he doesn’t make a scene or anything. There isn’t time for that kind of slag, what with Decepticon raids coming every other hour it seems like, the slaggers, and Slingshot’s a soldier and one of the elite and he doesn’t get whiny about stupid things like-

But he can’t help thinking about it, which means every other fragger on his team can’t stop thinking about it, at least in those weird few minutes Before and After (and heck, for all he knows, Superion can’t stop thinking about it either.) Which means, of course, that Silverbolt thinks it’s necessary or something to pull him aside for a few seconds after they all come back more or less intact and give him that worried look, a few words, try and figure out what’s wrong (with him), what’s going on. Like he understands.

Slingshot: Echoing the prickly pride sentiments of every young person in existence one syllable at a time, all the time.

“We want to help, Slingshot,” he says, when the others finally wander off and he has Slingshot against a wall. He looks tired and worried, sounds worn, but Silverbolt always looks tired and worried, and has for about as long as Slingshot can remember, so he doesn’t feel too bad when he interrupts him (really).

Man, that Silverbolt. How dare he call attention to the fact that Slingshot's not in that great of shape, huh? Geez, it's almost like he cares or some weird sludge like that. Aft.

“Look,” he says, and Silverbolt goes quiet real quick, and Slingshot knows he needs to watch what he says and shut this down fast before Silverbolt gets a plan of attack going. One thing Silverbolt has is one of the best-oiled vocalizers Slingshot’s ever heard, and Slingshot knows better than anyone how Silverbolt can slip right on through any sort of defense with it if you give him half a chance. “Is it messing up my flying? Am I shootin’ any worse or something?”

Silverbolt stays quiet for a little while, so Slingshot tugs his arm out of his commander’s grip and crosses it with the other one, right across his chest. That gets the point across, and Silverbolt sighs like he’s dealing with too much already to be dealing with this too, and shakes his head. But then Silverbolt tries to open his mouth anyway, to drive a wedge in Slingshot’s argument and make him feel like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, probably, because that’s what Silverbolt does when you drag him into an argument and Slingshot smiles meanly, hurriedly. “Then it isn’t any of your business. Any of your guys’ business. Talk to me when I start shooting up your aft, okay?”

In Starts and Stops Commentary part 2/4

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I love writing these two off each other. They have such a weird relationship. Both of them are just a shade too serious to get over what remains of the wall between them because that would involve talking about their ~*~feelings~*~ and like that's going to happen. There's obviously some mutual respect and cohesion and care there, but Slingshot's convinced that it's his duty to snap at Silverbolt's heels if the big jet even looks like he's about to waver, and Silverbolt is all too careful (read: a worryguts) to let that happen if he can help it, and that leaves them in some awkward state of limbo where Silverbolt's trying to show some honest concern for his teammate the only way he thinks Slingshot will let him (and the only way Silverbolt really feels comfortable expressing it to Slingshot) - read: as his commander - and Slingshot gets his back up because that's the exactly wrong way to go about doing it (Skydive's gotten closest so far to figuring out how to get Slingshot to crack, actually, as he displays in short order).

But this fic fic was supposed to include Metroplex too, right? *RAMBLES FOREVER ABOUT HEADCANON THAT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS SOON AS I POST THIS*

Slingshot tries to leave then, stepping back and turning for the doors, but then Silverbolt’s hand is on his shoulder. Slingshot whirls back around with a snarling what? already building in his vocalizer, but Silverbolt’s stare causes something in him more soldier than Silverbolt’s brother (or maybe it’s the other way around) to pipe down.

“We’re worried,” Silverbolt says, firmly, without taking his optics from Slingshot’s visor. And he knows exactly where to look to catch the optics underneath. “You’re working yourself too hard, you're distracted, you're angry all the time...You're upset. That’s not okay.”

Silverbolt: Talk to meeeeeeee

It’s probably the stare that does it, or the words, the implied (it’s causing problems) has Slingshot’s bristling up before he can stop himself. “So what? It’s not my problem if you’re all too big a bunch of wussies to deal with something when it ain’t all smiles all the time.”

Silverbolt’s optics cool, but that just means he’s getting stubborn, and Slingshot jerks out of Silverbolt’s grip with a sneer because Silverbolt digging was dangerous. “I’m leaving. Talk to me when you have something important to say.”

He turns to go and this time Silverbolt doesn’t stop him, but that silence is too considering for Slingshot’s peace of mind. He’s proven right when Silverbolt calls out to him a few steps away from the door. It makes Slingshot’s shoulders tense up but he stops anyway, head jerking just slightly to the side and scowl firmly in place.

“I’m going to talk to Metroplex.”

Silverbolt is not Hot Spot. He is far too much a no-nonsense military commander for that. He will not play nice by his teammates' feelings any longer than he feels is respectful to their ability to look after themselves, and he figures he's given Slingshot long enough to sort things out for himself, and by this time a lot of the uncertainty he would have had about excercising the power of his position is long gone. Also, Slingshot's being annoying.

So by "talk", he means diplomatically interrogate a whole slagging city the way only someone who's never not been in a position of command and responsibility can do. Metroplex is somewhat amused, somewhat chagrined, and somewhat impressed. Six-Gun nearly develops a crush.

Slingshot goes still, perfectly still, then scoffs (hard, he can feel his vocalizer twinge and it stings) and tosses a hand in the air carelessly. “Whatever.”

And then he leaves.

(He thinks he might hate Silverbolt.)

If the doors on Metroplex slammed...

Silverbolt’s not stupid, but when it’s Skydive who comes to talk to him a couple days later, Slingshot’s still a little surprised (enough to let him in, anyway.)

In Starts and Stops Commentary 3/5

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Skydive perches on the chair beside Slingshot’s desk, idly poking through his half-written report while Slingshot himself stands beside the now-closed (and locked) door, arms crossed (again) and…not-scowling, but not smiling either. Silverbolt’s not stupid. He knows what’s what on this team, even when he shouldn’t, and he knows when Slingshot’s got himself holed up somewhere he needs to send in Skydive and not anyone else, and that does make Slingshot scowl.

How dare Silverbolt show any insight into the inner workings of his team. How dare he.

Skydive hasn’t said a word since he entered, but he usually didn’t. Slingshot knows he can’t outwait him so eventually he just throws his arms up, kicks the door hard, and stalks over to his berth to throw himself down on it. Skydive looks up expectantly and Slingshot snorts over the pillow of his arms. “I don’t know why the slag Silverbolt sent you here. I already said it’s none of your business.”

Skydive has a datapad now, and would be perfectly happy if no one ever spoke to him again. Slingshot knows he can't compete with that.

The datapad’s screen stops glowing as Skydive takes a moment to flick it off and set it carefully aside. “Silverbolt didn’t send me.”

Which is actually true. It just so happened that shortly after Silverbolt had his discussion with Metroplex, Scamper went to find Skydive. Just. You know. Coincidentally.

Slingshot makes a disbelieving sound that has Skydive frowning at him, but Slingshot only turns away (a hard thing to do with wings) and faces the opposite direction. That was another reason it was always Skydive – Skydive didn’t lie.


There’s the sound of Skydive’s feet shuffling against the mesh rubber that makes up most of the floors in the personal quarters for a second, then quiet again. After a little while, Skydive speaks, slowly. He’s not being cautious, really, he’s only thinking, and that’s what Slingshot tells his irritation when it tries to flare up. “Scamper talked to me, that’s why I’m here. He’s worried about you.”

Skydive thinking is very irritating, Slingshot would like to assure you.

Slingshot doesn’t say anything, keeping his face to the wall, though his hands do tighten a little. They tighten into fists. Skydive waits a short time, then sighs. “What happened?”

Seriously, bro, you're worrying us. And Metroplex locked me out of the sector with the library. Start talking already.


“We both know that’s not true.”

Slingshot wishes there was something in reach to throw, but he doesn’t want to turn around and look at Skydive to find one. “It’s as true as you’re going to get – and stop touching my datapads!”

There’s a soft clack as the pad is returned to the desk. “Sorry, I was comparing.”

He was about five seconds away from making corrections to Slingshot's report and Slingshot knew it.

Slingshot scoffs again, and this time the silence stretches on so long that, against his will, he starts to doze.

“…He says he’s sorry.” That wakes him up quick, though. Slingshot tenses up again, and he knows Skydive notices. The Slingshot shoves himself up into a sitting position and shoves his back hard against the wall to glower.

“…Yeah, well, he should be.”

Skydive’s curious, like, freakishly curious, so Slingshot can respect what it takes to keep him from asking for the full story (again). “You’re not avoiding him, are you?”

Skydive doesn't get relationships outside of what he's observed in his brothers (out of whom the only one with a stable relationship is Slingshot) and seen on television/read about, so the whole "avoiding him" thing is mostly just what he's picked up on as a common theme in entertainment and in those team-building excercises Silverbolt makes them all do.

Obviously this is an excellent education.

Slingshot gives him a disdainful look that doesn’t phase Skydive a bit. “In case you forgot, we live in him. I couldn’t avoid him if I wanted to.”

The look Skydive gives him is bland and sort-of disapproving (that does phase Slingshot, but only a little bit), and it means pretty much one thing. That’s not the same thing and you know it.

In Starts and Stops commenatry 4/5

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He uses it whenever Air Raid takes one of his nerdy rants and turns it into the worst sorts of innuendo imaginable. Slingshot looks away, which is really all the answer Skydive needs.

“He’s sorry,” Skydive repeats, standing up. “I think he – I think – he wants to tell you that. In person, or whatever’s closest to that for him.”

Slingshot scowls. Skydive takes the two steps between the desk chair and the berth carefully, then reaches out to touch Slingshot’s shoulder. Skydive’s not all that tactile and Slingshot’s not in the mood to be touched, so it’s awkward for the second Skydive’s there and Slingshot lets him, and then Skydive leaves.

He leaves promising himself that he will NEVER EVER have a relationship with anyone EVER. Look at what you do, Slingshot. Look at what you do.

Slingshot stares at the wall for a long time, then grabs the datapad Skydive had been fiddling with and hurls it.

He doesn’t rest very well that night.

See? Skydive's got it going on.

A. Wait for the subject to establish first contact. B. Attempt to draw out a vocal reaction of at least five minutes in length SUCCESS: Skip to Step D. FAILURE: Proceed to: C. Make a few pointed but ultimately neutral remarks. D. Engage in awkward tactile contact for the obligatory amount of time (varies, apprently, depending on situation: See Air Raid/Fireflight for further elaboration on the matter) F. Leave the subject to stew until done.

“Skydive says you wanted to talk to me,” Slingshot says, standing cross-armed in the door of the drones’ quarter-area. Metroplex had to have known he was coming, had to have seen or sensed it or something since these are his halls, but Scamper still looks surprised – then delighted – to see him, sets his toolkit aside, and tries to beckon Slingshot in.


Slingshot doesn’t move from the hall, and Scamper’s smile grows a little more strained (which makes Slingshot feel a little uneasy) but doesn’t push it.

Slingshot has such a big soft spot for that car. He has a big soft spot for them all, of course, but Scamper's like that sweater your boyfriend's got that looks absolutely hideous but for some reason you like it anyway and if he ever did anything to hurt that sweater you'd probably dump him on general principle no matter how much you liked him. Not that Scamper's an ugly sweater, or that I know anything about boyfriend's, but still.

The two of them stare at each other for a little while, then Scamper offlines his optics (and if it was Silverbolt then there would have been a sigh, but the older Autobots never seemed to pick up on the human habit) and crosses his arms loosely, but he looks much more serene than Slingshot when he does it. “I wanted to say I’m sorry," he says, softly.

And Slingshot resents him for it while mostly feeling a little self-conscious. Because that's how Slingshot displays his insecurities.

“Yeah, got that part.” Slingshot looks away though, at the crack in between the floor and the wall, so he doesn’t have to see Scamper online his optics again (but really so he doesn’t have to see Metroplex looking back.)

In Starts and Stops Commentary 5/5 DONE

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Then he immediately looks back at Scamper, optic to optic, because he wasn’t the one who should be looking away here.'

Scamper tilts his head forward. “You’re still angry.” It’s a statement, not a question. Slingshot kicks at the floor, scuffing it, and that’s some sort of retaliation or whatever.

It's totally like keying his car...except in the way that it's really not.

“No duh. But it’s stupid, so whatever. It’s just a lie, right?” Slingshot shrugs, and can’t stop his gaze from skittering away. “Who cares.”

Scamper is staring at him again (no, watching him, which was a little worse) and Slingshot doesn’t have to be Streetwise to know Six-Gun and Slammer are gonna be showing up sometime soon (or already have and are hanging out around a corner somewhere, the creeper.)


“You have the right to be angry,” Scamper/Metroplex says finally, and reaches out a hand to grab Slingshot’s. Slingshot lets him, but the face he makes says he doesn’t like it. Metroplex tilts his head, then it’s Scamper’s smile (which is still Metroplex’s, sort of) that’s staring him down.

The fact that Slingshot's here at all says he's not as angry as he wishes he was, or at least that he's willing to be less angry than he is. And that's enough.

“Come on. Let’s talk.”

And while Slingshot manages to make a huge leap in maturity by bothering to show up at all without being physically dragged (which was otally an option, as far as the teammates who have to live with him were concerned), Metroplex still has that long life of his to draw on that sets him so totally apart from Slingshot in a lot of ways. I think that's the hardest thing to write about Metroplex.

This was actually fun to write. There are a few things and mistakes I wince at now, almost a year later, but I was playing with this style and while I'm not sure I'll use it again I still had a ton of fun writing in it.

Re: In Starts and Stops Commentary 5/5 DONE

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It's so interesting reading what you think of these two, so thank you for doing the commentary!

I'm so amused by how you summarise Slingshot's attitude because I think it's so true. :D You're completely right on the slight increase in maturity there at the end - you just have to be a dedicated Slingshot watcher to realise it's happened!

(And I can so see Metroplex using subtle control methods like "LIBRARY NOW CLOSED. FOREVER." to get what he wants! :D)

I still love the way you write these two.

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Hee! I love your commentaries. They're almost like a whole new fic! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

If you have time - "Running with Blood on Our Knees"? If not, no worries ^^ Because you need to figure out your NaNo!!! *boogy dances also*

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OF course I have time! (http://therixkeycopy.livejournal.com/26282.html)

*does a happy dance*