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I WAS EXTREMELY TORN ABOUT WHAT I WANTED TO POST. Because I have, like, three things I want to do. The first was writing up a dream I had last night about a zombie apocalypse including vampires and chickens and solar batteries. The second was to start a 30 day meme (which I've been wanting to do forever but never found one I liked enough, also posting every day makes me feel all nervous and stuff). And the third was my reaction to the HUB's new-ish show Rescue Bots, which I never bothered to look into because it's for preschoolers and I thought I wouldn't be interested.

I was wrong.

So I'm going to be talking about that. Because I watched those two episodes they released back in 2011 and I have ~*~thoughts~*~. Zombie/Vampire Apocalypse will have to wait.


Okay, first things first because I need to get this out of the way: the animation style is horrible. I hate it. Cody's beady little eyes will forever tap my "ick" button. It's a horrible, ugly style that might work for ponies but certainly was never intended for giant robots. It's hideous. Animated might have been rounded, but it was rounded with style. This is like Dreamwave: The Animated Edition, but only if Pat Lee had been a twelve-year-old literally and not just mentally.

*takes a deep breath*

Okay! Now we can move on the squealing and wild, baseless fanon that's already taken root deep in my brain. I don't think I have to mention that there will be massive spoilers ahead for all involved here. If at any point you planned to watch this child's cartoon and don't want to be spoiled, then please quit reading here (and return once you have whether you liked it or not so I can flail at you).


"I'm leaving."
"But you can't! You're our leader!"
"Fine, then we'll all go."

Oh, Heatwave. I love him, and I really don't think there's a better 'bot to end up Kade's partner.

Wait, no. Actually there were probably many other 'bots that would have been better as Kade's partner, because Heatwave and Kade are like trying to put out a fire with a fire and instead of working it just makes a bigger fire. But a tame one. Sort of. I think my metaphor got away from me. But simply put: Yes, Kade and Heatwave are probably not most people's idea of a perfect team. They're too similar. But Heatwave at the same time is like an older, tempered Kade and that...helps a little. And they both have a drive to help people, so when things get serious they're able to buckle down and work together, which is always a plus.

I'm going to like watching Heatwave's interactions develop with his team. As the above quote demonstrates, Heatwave is stubborn and seems convinced that he knows best in certain situations, and he's more than willing to throw his weight around if he thinks it will get him the outcome he wants. That's where his similarities with Kade are so interesting: both are stubborn, gruff types who are very invested in saving people. They're both horrible at communicating, but also extremely protective. A lot of Cody's issues with Kade is that Kade keeps shoving him out of the family hero thing. Cody thinks it's because Kade is a jerk (which he is), but it's more likely Kade doesn't want his little brother in harm's way, as most concerned family members would be when their young sibling keeps trying to tag along to emergency situations. He just is terrible at getting that across because he's a jerk. Heatwave's bad at actually opening his mouth to say something, but he manages to be pretty clear when he does. Where Kade is all bluster and misdirection, Heatwave's as blunt and direct as a 2x4.

One of the things I picked up on and ran with came mostly from that quote up there. Heatwave had no issue packing up and leaving once he'd decided the mission was a failure, but he didn't seem to have any plans to drag the others along until Boulder claims that he's their leader (his team, his responsibility). Then his thought process immediately derailed without pause into: "well, fine then. You're coming, too." Not: "Do you want to come?" or "Everyone who considers themselves part of my team is welcome to come. Otherwise you can stay here." No. It's, "You're coming." Implied there being: all of you. Whether you like it or not. He's not going to stay for them, but he's not going to leave them, either. Of course, we'll never know the outcome to that unless Heatwave has a crisis of faith further down the road and drags the others out by the scruffs of their necks...which isn't entirely an impossible solution (though this being a cartoon, he's more likely to leave on his own and leave the other three staring in shock and sadness at his retreating back or something scenic and provocative like that).

Heatwave's a bit possessive, I'm thinking. Makes sense, considering this is the last group of Rescue Bots in existence, but still. HEATWAVE. THAT IS NO WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS.

And his constant growling and grunting and generally just being surly at everything was amazing. And his sharp breaking and backing up when he realized Cody wasn't with them that first scene with the dinosaur. Yup, Cody. You stuck now. You thought it was bad having only one Kade as a big brother...


Augh, Blades. Come to me and let me hug you and wrap you in blankets.

Blades is the cutest. Of course, I have a soft spot for helicopters and birds-who-are-also-scared-of-heights so Blades is like one giant package of PERFECTION for me. Dani's sheer unwillingness to work around the phobia vaguely irritated me, though. Blades is not only unfamiliar with flying, but also has a phobia of heights. Her response? Shout and try and bully him through it and: "if he's going to be my partner? He'd better learn to love them [heights]." THAT SAID. I still like Dani. She's kind of awesome and I like that she's not immediately understanding and fussy over him (because the tendency in media is to make females naturally caring and worrying and that Dani isn't really good at that is great). I kind of got the impression she doesn't really understand the fear? Like, she loves flying. She does it all the time. It's probably like a professional swimmer meeting someone who's afraid of water. She probably thinks it's relatable to maybe her first few times flying, when she might still have been nervous of heights,and is thinking that the more she pushes him to do the faster he'll learn it isn't going to hurt him. And the more she can actually fly Or she's not thinking at all, and that's entirely possible, too.

I think they'll actually be really good partners once Dani calms down a little and Blades gets more confident. Dani is kind of exactly what Blades needs sometimes. This being a kid's show, they all have something they need to learn. Blades's is pretty obvious, but for Dani I think it's learning that not everyone is as extreme as she is, and that's okay. Because Dani is very intense and extreme and it's not a bad thing to learn how to work with someone who isn't, as she obviously has issues doing at this point. She has to learn exactly what Kade does, just where Kade has to learn to not be such an ALPHA MALE GUH UGH, Dani needs to learn to look around her and realize that other people exist. The only sensitive ones in this family is Graham and Cody. Seriously. Even Da Chief is so very focused and self-assured that he occasionally gains blinders.

(Though I will say that Blades's wordlessly taking off and flying headlong through volcanic ash (which he has already mentioned blinds him) without any prompting was great. He doesn't make a big deal about it, and he's not overcoming his fear like most situations such as that are all about. He's just dealing with being afraid because he has a job that needs to be done so someone doesn't die. That was a great scene, in my opinion, and it shows why he was a Rescue Bot at all. He has the mindset and the drive, he's just in a completely different situation from what he's used to and now battling a phobia.)

It's also now my headcanon (BASELESS FANON I HAS IT) that Blades always had the codes in him that would let him take a flight alt-mode (because I'm stealing from canon/widely pervasive fanon that mechs capable of taking a flight mode needed to be specially formatted for that and vice-verse should a flier ever want to be a car or something), but because he's scared of heights he just bugged someone into making him compatible with land vehicles and stuck with those and NEVER TOLD ANYONE.

But then he ended up with the current crew and, mostly because Chase is a freak, had his files dug into and they discovered he actually was flight-capable, but after only a couple conversations along the lines of, "but a flier would be really valu-" "NO", it was never mentioned again. AND NOW EARTH HAS RUINED EVERYTHING.

It also helps make sense to me why the others sort of stonewalled him into scanning the helicopter, because the only other option I can think of is "WOW. WE'RE JERKS."

About Chase. I call him a freak out of love. I really do. He had some of the most hilarious lines, I think.

"We've failed our mission. Our cover is blown. If this human knows he will tell the others." - just, the way he does it. The most despondent, monotone "fuck my life" I have ever heard. I honestly can easily hear the, "we must now all commit ritual suicide," following the ending of that sentence.



[To Da Chief riding around inside him] "I would advise you to hold on, sir."

*proceeds to do a bunch of crazy acrobatic moves until he's grappling hand to hand with aforementioned lawn mower of death and really sharp blades whirring inches from his face*

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you.." *hurls into a trash can followed by a dramatic finger point* "And you will not be compensated for any damages." >B(

Which, from Chase, is probably the biggest burn he can possibly imagine.

I love him to death.

I haven't mentioned Graham and Boulder, I know. And Graham's my favorite human character! But...there isn't much there yet? I find Graham really interesting, the insecure and humble attitude is kind of refreshing to see, though poor Boulder XD He just wants to learn! And Graham is so busy tripping over himself and downplaying Earth's...everything...that he hasn't really been able to do that yet. I'm going to like seeing more of this pair, I think.

AND...I think that's it for now. Because I'm tired and I'm pretty sure I've mangled everything I wanted to say well enough already |D I'll probably look at this tomorrow and wonder what the heck I was thinking, but for now:

I like this show more than I thought possible. It's amazing. Also, I can't help but think of how it would feel to wake up to the knowledge that your planet is dead and all your colleagues and possibly friends were dead (which...okay, is really bad and depressing of me, but I keep imagining the Protectobots as one of those Rescue Squads that are now extinct and...yeah. Going to stop now), but that comment one of the 'bots made about how they weren't able to be there for their own planet so they're not going to let Earth go...if this were a darker show I'd be side-eyeing that statement so hard my head might actually spin.

And I wanted to see if this cross-posting to LJ thing actually worked for me. Crossed fingers!



...*stares at Cody*

...so who wants to bet they get a young 'bot showing up at some point who's too young to do emergency things yet but is obviously intended for emergency medicine when he "grows up" (because this IS a show for six-year-olds) and JUST SO HAPPENS to bond with Cody? Cody doesn't have his own robot yet. I demand this happen.

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